Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love My Rain Barrel & New Spickets...

First of all, I know this sounds completely crazy, but I love my new water spikets (spigots) and rain barrel...

When I moved into this house a year and a half ago, the outside water spikets  (3 of them) had a slow drip. As the months went by, they continued to drip more and more. 
So much more, that my water bill was getting close to $100.00  per month!!! Which was totally crazy, because that bill was usually around $25.00.

So once again, I am calling my plumber. If anyone in the Palm Beach Area needs a good and reasonable plumber let me know and I will share his name and number...

This is one of my new and fabulous spickets!!! 

Yes...I am very aware that this spicket is ugly. Blue is the only color it comes in or at least that is what my plumber had available that particular day.
Believe me... I asked for a pretty color. Such as pink or at least some sort of metal.

Now... here is my other theory. My water bill was creeping up also because of always watering my houseplants and the plants on my porches. 

This is how I ended up with a Water Barrel (if you click on the highlighted water barrel words it will take you to the website I purchased mine...)

Hope you have a good day...


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  1. surprised you haven't pulled out the pink spray paint can ;). Also like the tub you have your garden hose in. Have a great day


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