Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Love Farmhouse Sinks...

 I  do hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday break and celebrated the New Year just the way they wished! Either quietly or with some great friends, and maybe with a sparkler or two.  I love the feeling of starting fresh with a brand new year! There is always something very exciting about a New Year! It's yours for the taking and it comes with so many possibilities. Maybe to start a new hobby, get inspired to organize your life, or maybe just to start accomplishing things you have always wanted to do...

 I really adore farmhouse sinks! Really really!! Have loved them for as long as I can remember. They look so country/cottage cozy to me, and I would love to have one in my little kitchen this year! I have decided that this is going to go on the top of my goal list for 2012!  I have the good ole stand ins... " I'm going to start going to the gym four times a week, or I'm not going to drink diet soda anymore, and no more McDonald's french fries with extra salt!" Did I really just say no more french fries with extra salt? That's so crazy (smiling). I'm thinking getting a farmhouse sink will be a much more realistic goal I can keep...

I never before realized just how many different shapes/sizes and styles there are to a farmhouse sink.  I love all of the choices that I have!  Also, another name for this type of sink is an "Apron Front Sink."
Such a fresh pretty shade of blue...

I would love marble counter~tops too...

Ok...Just a few more photos. I can't help it! I love looking for inspiration...

Love this shade of green...

Maybe just maybe... You now want a farmhouse sink! Have a great week~end...

P.S... All of these photos were found from the Country Living/House Beautiful websites...


  1. A farmhouse sink would be perfect, since we all have dishwashers we don't need the double sinks anymore, they were originally designed to wash on one side and rinse of the other. I don't know how far south you are, but I just found out I got accepted as a vendor at the Lakeland Shabby Flea April 28th. It is a cute little town 1 hour south of Orlando. I have never done one and it was on my bucket list, I am scared and excited...Anyway it would be fun to meet you unless you live south like Miami


    1. I am going to send you an email, because I'm not really sure how this "reply" works :-( I don't know if you get a notification or not?! I am writing down the date and I am going to try and come up to Lakeland to see all of your fabulous items! I will look for a cute little Bed & Breakfast to stay in and make it a fun weekend...XoXo

  2. I am seriously wanting to replace my old sink with a farmhouse sink. sigh. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  3. I love the first kitchen!!! Love the white and red and the sweet window treatments. xo

  4. Hi Katie,

    I dream of having any one of those kitchens. So beautiful. My favorite is white. There is something about a white kitchen. Hope you are doing great. Every day is busy for me,but good. Just looking forward to a brand new year.

    Thanks for keeping in touch. I always enjoy your posts. Have a fantastic day!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  5. I couldn't agree more, Katie! Love the look of these sinks. It's definitely on my "dream" list! xo

  6. I, too, would LOVE to have a farmhouse sink. I used to have a stainless steel sink (yuck) - I could not do the farmhouse sink without wrecking my cabinetry, so I did the next best thing and got a porcelain one. I found a brand-new, still-in-the-box one at a yard sale for $30!
    And thank you, Katie, for posting about my newspaper article. I really appreciate it, and I appreciate you ! :)

  7. I love farmhouse sinks too! I love a farmhouse kitchen in general! I hope you do meet your goal and get your sink:D

  8. Love all of these cosy country kitchens warm & inviting!

  9. Hi Katie, there are so many and you have shown a wonderful line-up of farmhouse sinks. The green kitchen cupboards are just like the color I used on my cupboards, love them. I use Pratt & Lambert Northern Green. It has proven to become a neutral in my home. I found your blog from Pinterest!

  10. Hi Katie, loved your selection of farmhouse sinks....I often drool over lovely farmhouse pics with large sunlight kitchens, alfresco dinning...this was right up my day I promise myself :-)
    Lovely blog,


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