Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Silver To Pink...

Well...Today I was canceled from work.. Not enough Trauma patients in our ICU Unit, for all the nurses scheduled.  

Summer time can be very slow for us.  Why is that? I don't know... You would think there would still be car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle/scooter/skateboard accidents, lets not forget car surfing accidents, falls from roofs/ladders/beds and just plain standing, head injuries, pedestrian versus car, stabbings, gunshot wounds, and the list goes on and on...

So...I'm thinking I should take full advantage of being canceled throughout the summer and get some long awaited (is that a word?) projects done around this house of mine... 

The pink candlestick holder above was silver, purchased from "Don't be surprised ~ Goodwill for $2.99." Did I mention how I love my thrift shops?!

Hhhmmmm...Wonder what my next project will be?!

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