Monday, February 20, 2012

A Girls Trip To Aspen...

What a crazy fun girls week we had in Aspen! When we first arrived to our suite at the Ritz Carlton, we had a bottle of champagne and a fabulous fruit and cheese platter waiting for us. I just love being spoiled! Don't you?

There were four of us on this fabulous vacation and we couldn't have been more compatible if we had tried. Michelle (the second from the left) has been my sweetest and dearest friend for the past 34 years! What is that cute saying? " You will always be my friend, because you know waaaay too much." I think everyone needs a friend like this. The other two girls are named Susan, and the friendships that we developed this past week will last us lifetime. They are truly amazing ladies!
Our week was none stop and fun filled! The itinerary was so incredible... The first few days we skied, then a little spa treatment (really...what's a girls trip without a visit to the spa?), shopping, fancy dinners, more shopping, red wine, snow mobiling to a cabin on the mountain side for a delicious lunch.

More fancy dinners, and of course more shopping, daily chocolate chip cookies, a snow shoeing trip (it was dark with a million twinkling stars, but I was needing CPR or at least oxygen via a non~rebreather facemask! So no photos were taken), a sleigh ride, and dog sledding with a very fancy lunch. Loved my truffle and parmesan french fries...

The girl time was just awesome. I so needed that! Lots of laughing, talking, and some good ole fashion tears. One of my favorite memories will be just sitting around the fireplace in our pajamas drinking our morning coffee. The dinners we shared and cooked together were a lot of fun too. Not to mention delicious! Oh... I have to bring up the "Boots and Hats" adventure here. That will be a funny memory that will last a lifetime. LOL! Thank you Michelle for going first, and thank you Susan and Susan for letting me go second! I'm waiting to start making plans for our "Bikinis and Boots" adventure
To my new friends and my sweetest old friend ~ Whenever you would like a friend to laugh with, cry with, vent to, brag to or just celebrate with... Please call me!