Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Weekend At Grandma's House...

It's always fun to go to Grandma's house... She spoils us the entire time we are there!!

Grandma (is in the blue shirt) also has a very fun craft area in her garage, that she lets us play in, when we visit. Hopefully, one day my garage will be as organized as hers.

She is also a very good sharer with all of her fun crafting things!! Olivia (in the white shirt) is making a seashell covered flower pot.  I wonder who she will give it to when finished?! Pick me...Pick me... Please... 

We eat continuously yummy foods the entire time we are there (I especially love the home made French Fries, the Coconut Cake, and the Tuna Fish Salad and the Sweet Tea). OK...maybe I love everything!!   

Olivia loved the 2 pints of frozen strawberries she ate, and she could probably eat waaay more than that!!  The Lentil soup was delicious tooI will post that recipe soon.  When I figure out how to do that. YIKES!!

I have met via email this really sweet girl named Becky, her blog is: http://farmgirlpaints.blogspot.com/  she has been so very helpful in answering all my silly questions on how to do something on my blog!! Thank You Becky!!! 

This is my little project. I bought this glass covered/cheese ball dish from a thrift store years ago, many years ago!! That I will mosaic and paint white. Stay tuned for the finished product...

Thank You Grandma for taking such good care of us this weekend.....


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  1. I love having my girls come play and eat with me !!!! I get an added bonus I bet you never thought of. After playing with my girls and their projects it get me ready to play the next week on my things ;)

    One more coat of sealer and a terra catta heart is finished. It's Decoupage with a blue and white toile patter on tissue paper. I have first coat of paint on the little cabinet you saw in the garage. Second coat goes on after lunch and will finish it tomorrow. Almost forgot, all the machine work is completed on my litte quilt. See how you girls motovite Grandma ;) Hurry, Hurry Back xoxo


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