Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beginning...

My name is Katie Foss. Some call me Mama Foss and as I am starting out with this Blog. I am not really sure what direction it will take/or should I say "I will take."

This has been on my to do list/bucket list for a very long time now, but have been too afraid to start. So Thank You Tara Frey for writing "Blogging For Bliss" and giving me the inspiration and courage to proceed with Just Because Katie...

I am asking all to bear with me while trying to figure the whole behind the scenes of designing the blog, posting photos, the about me section, side bars, banners, gadgets and I believe the list goes on and on (Yikes)... So I am asking for big time help from fellow bloggers (is that a word?).

It took me awhile just to come up with the name. It is not the name I originally picked or should I say my youngest daughter (Lauren Olivia) chose. She wanted me to use "Katie's Korner". But it was already taken. I'm sorry Olivia!! But I think "Just Because Katie" will work out just fine ("What do you think Olivia?). My next step will be to write "The About Me" section.

Have a Great Night


  1. Good Luck with your Blog, I am going to enjoy drinking my moring coffee and see what you have added. I do like the name

  2. Didn't see anything about your pets. I still remember years ago when you told not to eat a new pet because it was now family ;) Do you remember that???


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