Monday, March 29, 2010

Laundry Day...

After working 4 twelve hour shifts last week.  Laundry is definitely a must!!

I actually enjoy doing laundry.  I find it very relaxing and a form of therapy. 

So... I do laundry instead of paying for a therapist. That way I have more money for my thrift stores. Makes sense to me!!! 

I love all the great fragrances of the detergents and fabric softeners. My clothes line is fabulous too!! What a perfect house warming gift Randy Taylor (Thank You!!!) There is nothing like fresh sheets on your bed after being hung out in the sunshine and breeze all day...

While waiting for the washing machine to be finished, I had a little treat with some fun reading/daydreaming. I love decorating magazines (and that is an understatement!) I have many many... OK too many magazines/books if that is possible...

The little green saucer with the cookies on it. I picked up in a thrift store for $4.00. They were a set of 4. The cup and saucer I believe was my Grandmothers but could have been a Great Aunts (sorry mom I forgot)... Love them whose ever they were...


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  1. Love the blog, KFoss. I'll be anxiously awaiting each new entry!


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