Monday, October 8, 2012

What I'm Reading Now...

For those of you that know me... I'm more of a magazine girl because I love all the photos! I love getting inspired to decorate, sew, paint, bake and/or garden from all of those very fun and enticing pictures...
With that being said, I have decided to expand my horizons and actually start reading real books. Hhmmm... "Real Books?" Is there such a thing as a "Not Real Book?"
When I went away last month on "My Girl's Trip," one of our many conversations was about a book called, Tiny Beautiful Things written by Cheryl Strayed.
This is a book giving advice on love and life from someone called, Dear Sugar (which is actually Cheryl Strayed). She has an advice column on a literary website called, The Rumpus. 
Just a little warning though...when she writes back to her "Sweet Peas," she does not sugarcoat one thing! She tells it like it is, sometimes giving examples from her not so "Story Book Life."  


  1. ooooh sounds good! going to have to check it out:)

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  3. Does sound really good...I will have a peak. Reality check and advice on a healthy love life is good for us all...just saying! Love you


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