Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I should Be Doing...

Is it really and truly almost December?! Where did this year go? My mother WAS telling me the truth when she would say, " As you get older, you'll see... The years just fly by." She was right!

Every Christmas I swear I'm going to wrap my presents as I buy them. NOT stay up all night Christmas Eve into the early morning of Christmas Day (Santa Claus even asks me "why I haven't been to bed yet")  ~ that's what I have done for the past 21 years! So today was my first day of wrapping and making my little gift tags. What I should be doing is some major cleaning in this house of mine!
First... I had to remove a little black snake that was hiding in the cat's scratching post. He was alive and very very wiggly. UGH! As I was writing this post ~ I see one of my cats tip~toeing across the living room like he is hunting for something. In my head, I'm thinking it probably is just a little lizard, NOT a snake.

Ok... Let's get back to something fun and cute. Todd always seems to be around when I'm making something. So of course, I had to dress him up, just a little. He was NOT happy! And yes I know... The water is icky in the vase. Sorry about that! But Todd looks cute and very grumpy!

This would be Lauren Olivia's puppy. His name is "Mowgli," from the Disney movie "Jungle Book." He was NOT having anything to do with playing dress~up! Poor sport...

Ok... Seriously now. Let's get back to my cute little gift tags, But first let me show you just two more crazy pictures! Why is it I have to make a complete mess, NOT just a little mess, but a undeniable complete mess. Whenever I am making anything?!

Oh Yea... I almost forgot what this post was suppose to be about. I'm thinking I've had way too much coffee!

We did go and get our Christmas tree today ~ so I have no excuses of not wrapping as I buy and putting directly under the tree. Hopefully... this year will be different from the last 21 years! Though I must admit. I do enjoy having cookies and milk with Santa Claus...

What a sweet smile Lauren Olivia! Thank you for always loving me...


  1. First...Is that your baby OMG she is gorgeous! hair to die for! Your tags are darling, I'm just using the store bought ones as I wrap this year..Now I feel guilty! I have all brothers and a son, nobody would appreciate the cute ones anyway. OK..I am freaking over the SNAKE, no, it was not small, how did it get in the house, how did you get it out! You don't know, my one HUGE!!!! fear is snakes..I would truly die and have to sell my house! You act like you found an ant in your house!! Katie you are Super Women in my book!


  2. I love the tags! You are so creative! Can you come over and wrap all of my presents? No one would believe that I did it tho!

  3. love the tags! soooo cute! (I'd have passed out at that snake, ewww!)


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