Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Fall Napkin Ring...

First things First... I have to say I'm very very sorry for posting this 3 days before Thanksgiving! Not very nice of me, I know... Because really ~ who has the time now to make cute little napkin rings?! But here is my thinking on this. These would be so cute for your Christmas table. NOT with fall leaves silly ~ you would use Christmas cookie cutters. Duh! 

These are so simple to make and you just need a few items. If you are a crazy "Save every little thing or I need to buy this now because I might need it one day"  You probably have what you need without going out to the craft store. Here is one example of my craziness ~ See the cute little rolling pin? I bought that last Spring on one of my trips to Goodwill (here is that post.) I'm not saying you are as crazy as I am. BUT...

Here are your very simple instructions... Roll out your white bake able clay, cut out the shapes you like. I have mini cookie cutters by Wilton for every season/holiday. Hi my name is Katie Foss ~ I am a craft addict!

Next... take a skewer or tooth pick to draw the little veins/designs on your cut outs. Don't forget (like I did) the little hole to thread your raffia through. Then bake at 275 degrees F for 30 ~ 40 minutes. Once they have cooled down. Paint away in your favorite colors!

After the cut outs are painted and dried. It did take me 2~3 coats to cover, depending on the color. I then took white paint and outlined on the veins/designs. Last step... thread raffia through the hole and wrap around the cloth napkin several times and tie. That's it~so simple right?!

Ok... Here we go again. Hi my name is Katie Foss ~ I save empty soup cans! For what reason?! Because you never know when you might need one... Look how simple and cute they are with baby's breathe and glittery netting?!

I do Hope you have a fabulous and fun Thanksgiving...


  1. Oh the cutest ever! Yes I save everything too. Oh, I found garlic olive oil, I did not know it existed till I saw your last post. It is good just as bread dipping sauce. Have a great Thanksgiving, with your cute table setting


  2. sooooo cute! I love the clay, just made some paper clips with it recently...I might use this for Christmas ornaments, great idea!

  3. these napkin rings are darling, katie! you are so crafty, girl :)

  4. Though I missed this post but I certainly like your napkin ring! I love the way how you crafted those stuff as I am also doing the same thing even though it's not fall season.

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