Sunday, July 22, 2012

Snap~Shot Sunday...

 For a very long time now or really for as long as I can remember... I have wanted to learn how to take really fabulous photos. I have a notebook filled with "How to Techniques," nothing fancy or really organized. Just clippings of what I think I need to know. Such as... accessories that I must have, editing tips, lighting tips, posing tips,how to use Photoshop tips, and even a pattern on how to sew a pretty camera strap.
 Complete chaos is going on inside this notebook and now to add to that chaos I have a Pinterest board labeled "Photography" with waaay more tips, directions, and must haves...
So this is what I'm thinking in this crazy head of mine... Throughout the week I will be trying to teach myself something to do with fabulous photo taking. Then on Sundays. Hence the title ~ I will post some photos and tell you what I have learned or the mistakes I have made.

This is my new favorite perfume called Chance by Chanel. The pink one...

This would be me craving chocolate, but using Olivia as my excuse to make. I knew I had children for a reason... 

This is a Bouganvilla Tree that I almost got arrested for, while trying to take it's picture. Hhmmm...maybe trespassing is against the law. I want a tree like this for my yard, so I had to have a photo to show the garden centers. Right?!

I am now totally obsessed with Instagram...


  1. OH, that's why we had kids LOL! It will be fun to follow your progress, Me, well I am getting better, not great, just not on my bucket list, which is crazy because I love blogs whit eye candy?!


  2. Hi Katie,

    I too would love to learn how to take professional shots. I do the best that I can,but am never satisfied. They say the best photos are taken when it's cloudy out. I love making cake too,but rarely have time. I need to go back on a diet Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can come over for a visit too. Have a fun week,
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  3. KFoss...Love the photos. I too would love to find a way to be a great photographer, really just take a better picture. But, I guess I will keep Jamilah in my life forever to take some really good ones.
    Love the blog...

  4. Nice pics. :) your blog is very great :D

  5. Katie,
    I'm going to go check out that Pinboard! It's so important for a designer to get good shots once the plan comes together, and I can't afford a pro photographer yet! Thanks for sharing -


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