Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Freebie For You...

Last night I was up way too late on the computer! Hopping from blog to blog/website to website. Getting so many fun and creative ideas, for my never ending "Project List." Lets be honest here ~ my project list is really a big fat notebook with hundreds of pictures from magazines (which is a whole other issue of mine and another post), little scraps of papers with words, drawings, lists of what I will need for said projects, paint colors, fabric swatches, tools I must have and so much more. There is absolutely no organization going on in This Notebook, but I love it!!! I love to look through it and dream...  
 One of the blogs I found was called The Happy Homebodies. Her name is Jordan and her blog is full of cute ideas for your home. On one of her posts, she was sharing that you could get 25 free business cards from They are calling them "Mommy Calling Cards" but you can customize them for whatever your needs may be. You get the 25 free cards, but you do have to pay the $7.95 shipping. This is the design I ordered late last night. 

There are tons of designs, fonts and colors to choose from. Their website is also very friendly/easy to use. That is always extremely important to me. They usually charge $30.00 for 25 business cards, so there definitely is a savings going on here. This offer ends on Sept. 23. Just wanted to share this with you...


  1. I'm glad you ordered some cards, Katie! I love spreading the word about free stuff! :)

  2. Great tip, Katie. I really like the card you chose.


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