Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Vera Bradley...

I got up this morning thinking my bedroom closet looked like a hurricane went through there, or maybe some sort of explosion went off when I was not home. I, myself, could not have created such a mess!!! Well, really I can... I can make some really good messes!!! I'm just choosing not to think so in this particular case :)
When I was organizing my purses and travel bags. I came across my Vera Bradley Bags... I actually have 3 of them... Plus, I have some other really pretty items from her. Did I mention I love Vera Bradley?! Really I do...
I still have my very first Vera Bradley Weekender Bag. I bought it 17 years ago when I was going on a trip to Naples, Florida.  It has been washed a bazillion times, dried just as many, dropped, dragged, spilled way too many things on it to count, a puppy chewed on it, went to Italy and the list goes on and on... And it still looks fabulous!!! My girls now have several of there own and love them too... 

Nope...I don't work for Vera Bradley. I just love all of her things!!! It would be fun though to have " a cute little shoppe" in "a cute little town" to sell her items. Hhhmmm maybe one day...



  1. I want to see the poor bag that has survived so much trauma. Liked your pictures.

  2. they actually have a Palm Beach pattern, but, to me, it doesn't look very 'Palm Beach' as it doesn't have any palm trees! Would be nice if there was state themes (especially Florida!)

  3. Hi Katie,
    I'm a VB fan, too! :) The plate you asked about is by Homer Laughlin...or at least that's what the seller on eBay said when I bought it. :)
    I think it may be one of Home Laughlin's Georgian patterns...there were many and they all look very similar. Just check ebay for Homer Laughlin Georgian and you'll find a lot of similar patterns.


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