Friday, July 9, 2010

A Little Dessert Stand...

For those of you that know me...You know that I have a ridiculous obsession for mixing bowels and cute little dessert/sandwich plates. (Oooops!!! bowls). Thank you so so much Janet for proof reading my post and leaving the comment so I would know!!!  Now, I have something very cute, that I can do with some of these plates!!! Also, what a great gift to make and give someone...
You only need three things to make this... Isn't that fabulous?!
  • Plate
  • Glass Candle Stick
  • Glue/or Low Temperature Glue Gun

 Hmmmm... I Wonder which plate I should use?!

I just love easy and fast projects!!! The brownies were delicious too...

Addendum added 7/19/10:  As I was washing by hand, my little dessert stand. It came apart...Oooops!!! Of course that was not the exact word I was thinking or actually said :)
So here is what you must use... A low temperature glue gun or a glue called E6000 in clear. I am very very sorry if someone made this and fell apart too!!!


  1. Awesome tip! Thanks for putting my button on your blog, too.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. I know you are an RN, but did you really mean mixing Bowels or was that a Freudian slip and you meant mixing bowls. Really, I almost lost my coffee thru my nose laughing. Thanks ;)

  3. Just looking around your blog and came upon this. I haven't found a glue yet that will hold glass together. They all seem to for a while, but then as you said, "oops". I will try to find the 6000. My low temp glue definitely doesn't. Fun idea though. I have tried it too.


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