Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just A Beach Umbrella...

Randy and I went to Hobe Sound Beach today and of course I forgot my camera, but as always, I had my cell phone with me. Its a Sprint HTC Evo ~ whatever that might mean ~ I think it truly means it's a wanna be iphone. Ssshhhhh. Don't tell Sprint. I must say though, that the pictures I took with the phone really weren't too bad. I'm kind of impressed...
The more I use this phone the more I love it and I have found some really great apps. Free apps! Such as... Big Oven, Around Me, ATM Hunter, ColorNote, ColorSnap, Cozi, Drink Recipes, Epicurious, Free Christmas List, GasBuddy, OpenTable, Google Reader, HD Wallpapers, PhotoShop Express, Words with friends, and many more...

We packed beach chairs, beach towels, an assortment of sun screen, a beach umbrella, a shelling bag, and a fabulous beach picnic which consisted of sandwiches, potato chips, peaches, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, chocolate chip cookies of course, water, soda and ice cold beer...

The day was perfect. The water was warm and clear. The breeze off the ocean made the heat of the day tolerable and the people watching really couldn't get any better! I'm actually wondering why someone that is as white as snow, insists on putting oil all over their bodies. Especially in the hottest part of the day! We saw several of these Serious Sun Worshipers, that were as red as a child's wagon! Do they really think this is a good color for them?!

P.S. Have I mentioned that I love my beach umbrella...


  1. Love it! So pretty. Hope you a re having a nice summer.

  2. OOh what a cute umbrella! Love the colors and you are very photogenic. I wish I Sounds like you are really enjoying summer. Good for you. Have a great day,
    Janet's Creative Pillows


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